how do you remove a broken dipstick from a nissan sentra car?

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the “tube” u pulled out, is that the one the is in?, if so does the tube have an o-ring or is it flanged?

if you can see the tip of it try using needle nose pliers if not try using a magnet– place the magnet over the hole and hopfully it will come up to where you can get it –also you might try a small alligator clip that has long extensions —if all this fails the oil pan and either push the stick back up to get it or pull it out through the bottom you will have to buy a new stick either way good luck ps if your not mechanically inclined take it to the mechanic remember its going to cost you but you need to get it out of the crankcase or more serious damage can occur

I hate the color of my car, On a 2005 Maxima, it’s gold and I rarely see gold maximas, i like the when their black or blue with crome kit n rims, should I paint it, I was so anxious to buy the car I wasn’t even thinking when i brought it I just liked the maximas. What you think looks good?

Poorly repainted car will look worse. Paint shops cannot reproduce the original luster and shine with out spending a lot. Then your left with a paint job that will chip off and not look as good for many years to come. The best solution is sell your Gold car and buy what you want. 6 years of development the new Maxima is super nice. I know you were looking forward to not having a car payment. But spending around 3 to 5 thousand for a lustrous deep Black or dark Blue paint job on a 5 model year old car just to chrome it up?

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  1. mdk68gto says:

    if you are talking about the plastic ones. ill give you a trick that i have used. it works well as long as that stick has not fallen to far into that pipe. using a rag and a air hose from an air compressor, rap the rag around the hose ant put this device into the hole where the oil cap goes. now pull the trigger to get the air flow going. if all is well, that stick should come up with the air flow. if this does not work, what i have done once is to remove that tube from the block and just oull the dipstick out from the other side.

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